Area 100 KSA Mental Maths Assessment (100KSA)
Theory Examinations
Area 100 KSA Mental Maths Assessment (100KSA)
The minimum score to pass the Area 100 KSA mental maths test is 75 %. The mental maths test should be satisfactorily completed before the student is recommended by the ATO for their first attempt to take their final theoretical knowledge...
Area 100KSA Instructor Training (100KSA_TKI)
Instructor Standardisation
Area 100KSA Instructor Training (100KSA_TKI)
Instructors conducting TK training in ATPL & CPL courses shall undergo an initial 100 KSA Instructor Training which includes the following elements: • The Concept of Competency, Knowledge, Skills and Attitudes • Core Competencies and...
TR C501/551(MPO) Theoretical Knowledge Course - LiveLearning (551-LL)
TR C501/551(MPO) Theoretical Knowledge Course - LiveLearning (551-LL)
This course includes the required theoretical knowledge training for pilots undergoing a type rating on the C501/551 engaged in Multi Pilot Operations. The course is entirely instructor led in Virtual Training.
Boeing 737 MAX Differences Course (737MAX)
Type Rating Training
Boeing 737 MAX Differences Course (737MAX)
This course has been designed to familiarize Boeing 737NG pilots with the Boeing 737 MAX. This course satisfies the type rating familiarization training requirements of EU Part FCL.710. The course comprises of 5 modules and a final 30 question...
B737-800 Performance Examination (737_PE)
Type Rating Training
B737-800 Performance Examination (737_PE)
Advanced UPRT Theoretical Training (A-UPRT)
Advanced UPRT Theoretical Training (A-UPRT)
Upon completion of this course, pilots will have the knowledge to understand why an aircraft upset occurs and how to minimize the risk of experiencing an upset. This course is for EASA pilots and meets the objectives for Upset Prevention &...
Alsim ALX - IOS Panel Training Course (IT-059) (ALX-IOS)
Instructor Standardisation
Alsim ALX - IOS Panel Training Course (IT-059) (ALX-IOS)
This course has been developed by the Aviomar FSTD department to familiarize FSTD Instructors on the use of Alsim Instructor Operating Station (IOS) software. The course also includes health, security and safety elements in relation to the use of...
APS MCC(A) - LiveLearning (APS-LL)
APS MCC(A) - LiveLearning (APS-LL)
APS MCC Training is an enhanced MCC training course to "Airline Pilot Standards". The courses intended to equip the pilot with the knowledge, skills, and attitudes (KSAs) required to commence initial type rating training to the standards...
Boeing 737-800 APS MCC eLearning Training Course (APS-MCC)
MCC Training
Boeing 737-800 APS MCC eLearning Training Course (APS-MCC)
APS MCC SOP Examination (APS-SOP-EX)
MCC Training
APS MCC SOP Examination (APS-SOP-EX)

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